Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Getting back to ....normal?

Dolly Parton is on Dancing With the Stars. There's so much that's strange about that, the least of which is "Why am I watching Dancing With the Stars" tonight? I don't know. Apparently, last year there was a one-legged star trying to dance. Any show that would submit a celebrity to one-legged-dancing humiliation is my kind of fun. Where are the midgets?

Okay, the season has started! I'm teaching a number of students in a variety of places. It's nice to be in the swing of things. I'll be adding more students to the schedule as the next couple of weeks go by, so I should be in the thick of it by the end of October. By "in the thick of it," I mean "insane." And to think that I went on another interview today so as to possibly add a few more students.

I guess it's about time I learn to dance. Tango? Ballroom? The Forbidden Dance? That vaguely perverse dance that Beavis did with the waving hand move?

This weekend, I'm heading up to Glens Falls for a cycle with the orchestra. I'm only playing a fairly harmless Symphony this time, so I have a little paid vacation. Nice. This is a rather odd program, though. There's Bach, Mendelssohn, Strauss (I think.), and some other fluff. We're doing it in the First Presbyterian Church as the normal stage is being rebuilt or something.

I'm tired. Tomorrow night, I look forward to finishing rehearsal, relaxing in good company, and sleeping in the next day.


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