Tuesday, July 24, 2007


Half-assedly edited once for several exhaustion-induced typos.

In the midst of working like a dog, I've been reminded that my blogging has not been plentiful as of late. Here's been my standard schedule:

Each weekday: teach from 8:30am-4:30pm - a variety of students at different levels in their studies, from "What's a clarinet?" to "I can play anything." (Remember that brief moment when you thought you had mastered your instrument, only to find out that you were horribly mistaken? Ah, to be 13 again. Not really. 13 was a pretty miserable time. I wouldn't mind skipping to about 16 when I went away to school. That was fun. I'd work harder at the clarinet and spend less time gallivanting around with those troublesome dancers.)

Mon-Thurs: I do a bit of consulting for a local classical music group in the evenings. Afterwards, at around 9pm each night, I begin my practicing/reed work. I tend to get home after midnight every night.

On Friday afternoons, recently I've been heading to NY (upstate and down near the city) for work and fun. It's a little tiring, but I always manage to find a way to sleep in when I'm there. If I stayed in Boston, I'd probably get roped into some lame early morning meeting.

So apparently this getting-really-sick-near-the-end-of-July thing is common for me. Looking back at the blog, one can see that I had a rather unpleasant occurrence last year at the same time. It too was sinus/allergy related.What in the hell is blooming in mid-to-late July that's screwing with me so much? Anyone? Bueller?

Was yelled at on the street today by an old pianist friend just in town for a few days from Australia. Looks like I'll be forgoing most of my evening practice for a little catching up instead. How come even the Australians I know are Korean? She was a good pianist back in the day, though.

Damn, this cough is annoying.


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