Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Hit and run

What up, my homeys and homettes? Many apologies for the long delay in posting. I've been up to much the same thing, teaching and practicing ungodly hours. I'm nearing the end of my teaching for the summer and am looking at the new year. This Fall looks a little difficult as I try to burrow my way back into the freelance and teaching scene here in Boston. I'm even considering some teaching in other states in order to pay the bills. Got any students you want to send my way?

I've spent a few weekends in NY in the past several weeks. Corner Bistro in the Village. Holy crapweasel. Eat a burger, drink a beer, lather, rinse, and repeat. So cheap, yet so good. I'm also making plans to hit a BBQ joint in a semi-trailer in the Bronx. Mmm...

The season is fast approaching. On the horizon, but not fully in sight (maybe mirages?), a short recital in the burbs of NYC, a Ralph Shapey Concerto in Boston, a Benefit Recital in VA in the Spring, and a full solo recital in MD in April. In betwixt, the orchestra and whatever else comes my way. Fo shizzle.

Gotta run now. Gotta finish finding out how to get to jury duty tomorrow. Let 'em all fry! (but no transfats.../wagging finger/)


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