Thursday, July 05, 2007

Pimpin' ain't easy

It's 8:21 am and I'm already at work. I must have really displeased the FSM this week. I didn't get home last night until around midnight due to a Pops concert with my orchestra Upstate. Boy was it long...I'm fairly certain I saw an audience member actually age during the concert. There was also a "multimedia" extravaganza, which apparently translates to "slideshow" for those of us not into XTREME advertising.

On the ride home, I had a long, involved (are there other types when stuck in a car with me for seveal hours?) discussion of the pitiful state of music education in the States. As both my companion and I knew many students currently preparing for or already using their Music Education degrees, we each had a number of incredulous stories of stupid "educational" approaches to music. It all boils down to this: If you use bad music to teach people about music, those same people will think music is bad. Ta da. Now...go solve the problems out there.

I'm going to really need my nap after lunch today. I'm not sure about the quality of my teaching in this exhausted state. Perhaps every lesson can somehow b turned to "how passing out helps your clarinet playing" or some such. Someone work on a lesson plan and email it to me (or MSN Messenger for instantaneous help) so I can put it into action immediately.

Next, doing the same concert again. At least I had excellent company this week and plan to do the same next week. It's enough to put a polish on things.

Bring on the vomitoriums!


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