Wednesday, June 27, 2007


As of yet, I haven't figured out how to upload pictures from Mr. Fancypants mobile phone. As soon as I do, rest assured that you'll be assaulted with lo-res pics from my camera phone.

In the meantime, sickpuppy is over and I'm back to working like a dog again. I leave each day at 8 am and return at midnight. This schedule could last for another 7 weeks if nothing changes. I figure that I'll be starting knife fights by week 5....maybe with monkeys.

Hyun's recital at Weill was great. There was excellent music being made that night. (Of course, she looked fantastc too.) It was also good to see an old friend doing so well. I know it's strange, but I was quite proud of her. I'm still waiting on the pics and will later post what I can. Later festivities included a Korean club that made some of the whities nervous.

I'm also indebted to my host of the evening.


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