Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Two Tons of Rusting Art

Okay...so I'm a little early again to the salt mines. Here's the latest rundown:

Practicing is ramping up again, both for PhD auditions and job auditions. There's ALOT of repertoire to be polished and some to be learned. I've now got the Bach mostly under my fingers, but it's a bear musically. I'll just have to keep working bit by bit on it until it doesn't sound like a bad Rode exercise.The Schuller is coming along very slowly. The multiphonics are very difficult to play in tune. There's one that I can't seem to be able to do at all, which is a problem. No one but me and anyone with the score will notice, but that's enough.

Welcome to the frequent reader from Petaluma, CA. Petaluma? What kind of name for a town/city/burg/hoopdedoo is that? Drop a comment so I know who you are, lurker.

Two separate readers in the past week have reached my blog after searching for "Ay Papi" on Google. What in the hell were you guys looking for? Hm? (disappointed/shocked/appalled voice saying "Oh Jeffrey!" here)

I saw the Richard Serra exhibit at MOMA this past weekend. "Sequences" made me physically ill. When was the last time a piece of sculpture (granted, one that's freakin' huge) made you respond physically? It's not that I don't dig the piece, but rather that I couldn't catch my bearings while walking through it. Between that and the recurrence of the dizziness, I'm a littly loopy.

Now bring on the students! Nothing better than a zonked out teacher.


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