Thursday, June 21, 2007

and the beat goes on...

After several weeks, a dead 4-year-old cell phone, the purchase of a new cell phone (which I am now using to post), the visit of houseguest Rose, the arrival of second houseguest, the departure of first houseguest, the start of Steve Drury's Sickpuppy Institute, the near-offer of severaal jobs, the offer of a couple of jobs, the best practice sessions evar, the puking of the kitty, the cleaning up after the kitty, the discovery of internet2 nerds, the slow advance in reading my Friedman book, the drinking of multiple cups of coffee daily, and the daily assault of awesome and not-so-awsome New Music, the increase of my overall happiness, and the figuring out of Blogger on a pda phone, I finally have the time to post. Simple, right?


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