Saturday, June 23, 2007

In transit...

At this moment, I'm hurtling towards NYC on a packed Greyhound bus. As I threatened, I'm blogging from my Mr. Fancypants mobile phone.

I'm on my way to NY to support my friend Hyun ( hangul support on the phone...yet) as she gives her NY recital debut a Carnegie. I have known Hyun since we were both freshmen at NEC nearly ten years ago. While I was in Korea, she was kind enough o show me around and help keep me out of jail. I'm looking forward to the concert as I haven't really had the chance to hear her in a few years. It's a 530 show, so you still have time to get tickets if you want.

I'm getting old and sleepy, so I think I'll take this chance to nap a bit.


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