Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Part the Second

Er...So I tried to make one big freakin' post, but the damned Google version of Blogger wouldn't let me post all of the photos in one post. Bastards.

The Art Institute of Chicago is right across the street from the home of the Chicago Symphony Orchestra. I took a couple of hours and wandered through a little of it. I kind of dug the front of the building anyway, but the Lions-as-football-fans made me giggle. I mean, those are LARGE helmets. I probably should have rapped on them to see how they were made. I also should have returned at night and stolen the helmet. I could have been a real-life bobble head while wearing that thing down the street.

Yeah, the sign out front was an extra for the dozen or so protesters wandering around the intersection. Several of their signs asked for honks from the motorists in order to show their support for the idea of impeachment. There was quite a load of honking.

Yay...A big bell. I just thought that I'd have to bring this around to music somehow. I think it's horrible that the AIC would put a big bell in its exhibit and not set it up to be rung. I understand that it's a bad idea to be ringing ancient Chinese bells and all, but damn. The placard tells the patrons what the ring sounds like, but no one gets to hear it. Tease. Make a copy and let someone hit it!

There was an exhibit with great big sharp pikes and spears. There's no musical reason that I should include a picture of these. I just thought they would be appropriate given the pics of the guards at the palace in Seoul and their great big sharp objects. Can someone get me one of these?


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