Saturday, February 10, 2007

Chicago on "Business"

Well, I'm already done with my work in Chicago. It seemed to go well, but one never knows. NEXT!

Met a friend from school, so I'll probably hang with her tonight rather than obsessively update ye olde blog. Another friend, a Ukranian clarinetist, may join in the fray. I expect they'll show me some sights other than my hotel and my hotel lobby's free coffee.

Everyone keeps complaining about the cold here. It isn't really that bad. Nothing a warm coat can't cure. I've been wandering the streets without my coat buttoned up. The locals are looking at me, sans hat or other headgear, as if I were the Son of Sam. I guess all those years in Boston, and a few years in an overly airconditioned house, made me somewhat tolerant of the cold in the short term. (Crap, I'm not sure about the proper use of a hyphen in the last two words of the last sentence. I'm much too lazy to figure it out. )

The architecture in this town is fantastic, at least in the part of town near Symphony Center. What in most cities would be be a boring office building is here an amusingly detailed piece o' art. I'll see if I can snap a few pics without getting spotted, killed, and dumped in a culvert. Do they have culverts in this part of town? If not, they're going to have to work hard to get me all the way to a culvert. Got to give THEM credit for that.

Oh yeah, I've already found the Dept. of Homeland Security here. I'm just going to assume that they found me well before I found them. On the way over here I was reading WIRED magazine. One article I was reading was titled "Making a Homemade Bomb." People were looking at me oddly. Maybe they were just admiring my spiffy new coat. Or the shoes...It's always the shoes.


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