Thursday, February 01, 2007

A little balance

Alright, there's a special purpose to this post. The point was made yesterday to me that nearly all of the pictures I post seem to be of attractive young ladies. Now, I'm sure that said young ladies find that flattering, but I thought that I'd better throw in a little variety. A special request was made for a pic of one of the dogs looking like an ewok.

This here piece o' pottery was found in the throne room at the palaces at Gyungbokkyung. Well, I didn't exactly find it. It wasn't hidden under some brush or secreted inside a wall or anything. Regardless, it's pretty neat, right? If you're really into it, open the file in your photo viewer and magnify until you can see the detail. I thought about stealing it, but my friend Hyun kept saying some claptrap about "National Treasure" and whatnot. Maybe next time.

This is Ziggy. I named him, supposedly, after the Dragonslayer of Wagnerian hoopdeewho. I slipped that one in and my folks never knew the difference. He's a little quirky. Frequently, he'll grab a stuffed little man and chew on him heartlessly. I like that about him. The devil eyes are the norm for him. Something about swallowing U235 a few years ago.

(Does he look like an ewok?)

This is Bob Listokin, the teacher whose voice frequently rings in my head when I'm teaching my kiddies. I'm looking awfully young in this one. I like that. This is after a 3-hour lesson that made my brain hurt. This guy doesn't miss a thing and will let you know (in a nice way) when things are going awry. Those first 2 measures of the Mozart Concerto are HARD.

Hopefully, my next pictures will involve more young ladies. I'm already going into withdrawal.


Blogger Carol Minor said...

Devil ewok!
I think I actually prefer the pictures of ladies to the one of the giant pot.

2/02/2007 12:26:00 AM  

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