Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Weekend in Balmy Chicago

Nothing too horribly exciting today, unless you count the further dismemberment of Santa Claus. Poor sod.

On Friday, I head off to Chicago to play clarinet for a little bit. Now, the last minute nature of my flight and hotel arrangements mean that I will actually be there for two extra days. Strangely enough, it's only costing me a little extra money to stay that extra period. I couldn't get a flight on Sat. night after my business. On Sunday, if I left I'd be getting back to NC at ass o'clock at night. So I get to stay a little bit and look around Chicago after my business. It's not usually the case when I make these kinds of trips. Usually, it's more of a guerilla warfare type insertion and retreat.

So here's the quesiton: What do I need to see in Chicago on Sat night and Sunday all day? I leave in the early afternoon on Monday, so I may even be able to see a museum that morning. Anything someone can recommend? Hm? Come on, don't be shy.


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