Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Out Under the Wire

So, apparently Chicago is going a little nuts right now. Something about snow and all that Nature business. My first flight out of Chicago was delayed only about an hour, but that was plenty. That meant that I missed my connecting flight through JFK. As a result, I had four extra hours to bum around the terminal at JFK. Real freakin' fun. There was a high school youth orchestra there. They were ironically inattentive to knocking into others' baggage.

This is my Russian gun runner...Er...This is actually Eugene O., another clarinetist. He's back in the States and took a few hours out to hang out with the Whitey on the left. Of course, we took at least an hour of that just to chat about our classmates and try to catch up on what they were doing. Everyone, Eugene says "Hello." I've been instructed to pass along his greetings to all. If you'd like to get in touch with him, drop me a note and I'll pass along his email and cell number. Even if you don't, I expect you clarinet players might see him in Fort Collins.

I had to hang out here for a little on Sunday. Not horribly exciting looking, is it? They need to snazz it up a little. Maybe some Herald Trumpeters or dancing girls in cages. I'm not sure which would be more appropriate, but I do know which I'd prefer.


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