Friday, January 26, 2007

My Partners in Crime

This is DJ. He has a Korean name, but all the Koreans I know seem to call him DJ. Besides being fluent in English and Korean, he is probably the closest male friend I have. I've known him since high school, where we studied clarinet with the same teacher. We then both went to NEC and studied with a new, but also the same for each of us, teacher again. Oy vey. Our conversations are sprinkled with the kind of salty language you don't hear between worst enemies. It's all highly amusing. Since college, he's also been an officer in the ROK military. That means that, as much as I love annoying him, I have to at all times remember that he could kill me with a toothbrush.

I need to introduce him to more cute girls. He has helped me so much that I figured giving him a good woman might pay back part of it. Crap, now I've got to go out and purchase a good woman. I seem to only have enough money to purchase a crappy one.

This photo was taken in a coffee shop in Kyodae. This night, I was approached by the relative of an exgirlfriend from the States who just happened to be in town. Now, this guy was only in Korea on business and lives in CA. I had met and socialized with him twice, but several years ago. Jeez...I used to think that it was just the music world that was small, but it turns out that it's just the worl d in general. Either that, or I'm being tailed again.

Speaking of which: Last week, I met these three lovely young ladies (L to R: Hyun, JaeYeon, Yuri (That's two Yuri/Youri's now!)) at the Hyundai department store in Apkujong for a little lunch. Oh...lunch. Yum...The top level of the building has a number of high quality restaurants. We ate in a Korean-style Chinese place and then went to a bingsoo (shaved ice and red bean) place across the way. Holy crap...I'm telling you; the food alone in Korea is enough for me to start looking for immigration papers.

Just a little proof that these three ladies actually allowed me in their presence.


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