Wednesday, January 17, 2007

My Day at the Palace

I spent the afternoon eating fantastic food and walking around the royal palace with fantastic company. Here's Hyun in front of what is essentially a party hall. That's water in front of the building, but it's a little frozen right now.

Just a little proof that I'm still alive. Hair is getting out of control. Notice the guys with the big knives. Right on.

Two sweethearts who have been only a good influence on me during my trip: JaeYeon and Ms. Bae.

Oh yes...I kind of got offerred a job today. It's not exactly an offer, but that's kind of how things work here. It wouldn't start for a few months if at all, so don't anyone get their undies in a bunch. We're just starting to dance and we'll see what happens.

Yes, yes...I understand that I've done a horrid job of actually blogging of late. Instead, my new camera seems to be my stand-in. Things are busy and I'm sure I'll find a happy medium later.


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