Sunday, February 18, 2007

Happy Day After My Birthday

Yup, I'm telling you that the day after the birthday is where it is. You know what I'm planning? Sleeping way in, waking up long enough to get a bite to eat, sleeping some more, and then a little practicing. Somewhere in there, I'll play with the dogs. Then I'll sleep.

For my birthday, however, I ate some fairly good Thai food here in Asheville. Duck. Not enough duck, but the curry was fantastic.

Hey Miss Reader-in-Taiwan: How was Australia? I still haven't come up with a good excuse to go. It seems like all of my friends are doing it now, though. Should I get on the next plane?

I managed to follow up a perfectly lovely day and meal with a useful practice session. Oh yeah, and more dizziness. Don't worry, I took two of the pink pills. Mmm...pills. I'm starting to think that the FSM doesn't want me to play the clarinet. I'm trying to avoid downgrading to the financially lucrative, but bottom-dwelling, position of conductor. I gave that crap up to be a musician. Now where are my pills?


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