Saturday, December 09, 2006

A Cornucopia of Tidbits

Okay, just to show my friends that I haven't totally been wasting all of my Korea time by playing music constantly, I'll list today's movies:

Little Miss Sunshine: Hilarious. How come this is the first time I've seen an 8 year old do a dance like that, huh?

Slip: Crap. Crap covered in crap with a crappy sprinkle (only one) on top. Oh, and the production quality was only slightly better than the original Star Trek series (by today's standards, not the 70's standards). I'm dry heaving thinking about why I allowed myself to lose that hour and a half.

30 Rock (not a movie, but I watched an episode anyway): Funny. Still...I'm sure that'll change soon. However, Conan was attacked by a Stabbing Robot, so it's amusing.

There you have it...a good 4 hours of total laziness. Oh, and I read most of a David Sedaris book today too.

Not that one should think I'm not working. I spent most of the day with the clarinet in hand, practicing or in rehearsal. We're doing Handel's Messiah right now . In Korea, though, it seems to be pronounced "messy-yah" as if we're in Northern Minnesota. Now, the Messiah, in its original form wasn't orchestrated for clarinets. Mozart came along and did an edition with clarinets. Now, don't be fooled by that last little tidbit, because we aren't doing Mozart's version either. Yup, we're doing some ghetto version that should probably be done by your local high school orchestra.

Here's the redeeming factor: They're doing it in Korean! It's awesome. The musical accents infrequently make any sense at all since they're not singing with an English cadence. It's like watching a car wreck in slow motion. You know you shouldn't, but you're awfully fascinated as to exactly how it's going to go down.

Strangely enough, I like hearing the Hallelujah chorus in Korean. They say Hallelujah, oddly enough. Guess there's not really a translation for that word. What's the origin of that word? I guess that I could wiki it, but that would require effort.

Tomorrow, more practicing and gotta teach a lesson. Then maybe, to Taco Bell! (A brief update: I did not, in fact, go to Taco Bell last week as I was waylaid.) Two lovely young ladies have requested that my friend and I take them onto the army base for a little of the Bell. (No, I don't have the right to sign them on base. My friend has to sign me on as it is. They just think that Americans can walk on and off the base since it's our gov't.) One called me today and said that she was sick. I asked her if she wanted anything from the base and was greeted with incredulty that we would go without her. Ha ha...The Bell waits for no one. (I need to get rid of some dollars that those bastards gave me as change the last time I went there.)

After the Messiah, the Maestro is in town. People are pretty worried and seem to actually be practicing. Strange.


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