Thursday, December 07, 2006

A Quick Note Before Slaughtering some Veggies

I just got home from a thoroughly exhausting concert (It's 1130pm here.) and I'm (hence the previous adjective) thoroughly exhausted. And to boot, I accidentally picked out a vegetarian sandwhich from the bakery downstairs for my late night snack. The bastards. What are they even doing stocking this crap?

Having lunch with my friend Richard tomorrow afternoon. I haven't seen him in a few years and it seems that he's doing well. It'll be a nice way to break up a day of practicing. Of course, I'll end the day playing with a cutie from NEC. Oh, does it ever end?

Vegetarian? What the hell are they thinking?...Someone could get hurt.

Tonight's concert consisted of Tchaikovsky Romeo and Juliet, a crapload of arias and duets, and some Strauss. We got quite the ovation. After the encore, the audience was vocally disappointed that we weren't planning on playing more. I did not play my best. There were a few small slips. Most of the concert consisted of music that I had never performed before. Two of the pieces I've conducted, but hadn't performed before coming to Korea. Weird. At least those two pieces were solid.

I still hate the Blue Danube.

I was told tonight by a Korean male that Korean girls expect a very complicated dating ritual involving no one admitting that they're interested. The whole thing seemed to be a step in the wrong direction and I'm fairly sure this guy is wrong. In fact, I'm sure he needs a bit of edumacatin'. But, I'm much too lazy to do the job. In fact, I'm much too lazy to traverse any "complicated dating ritual." Apparently, going out to dinner or coffee is considered an expression of some intent. If so, I'm an utter whore. Uh...unless the intent expressed is that of getting some caffeine and calories in me. Help me out here, folks. What's the word on this? (Everyone knows I'm hopelessly unwilling to take part in such a game, but I'm interested to know if this guy is right. If so, that means that I'll just need to find a lazy girl.)

If I don't get to sleep now, I won't have the energy to burn down those vegetarian bastards in the bakery before my morning practice. They deserve it.


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