Friday, December 01, 2006

Drivel with a little Bitching (Note: not Bitchin')

My brain has officially leaked from my ears. I've spent the last two days holed up in my officetel (nearly exclusively) practicing and studying. The last couple of hours have been spent studying scores and listening to recordings. When a friend called to chat, my brain could produce little more than sputtering. Apparently I might be heading out to a jazz bar tonight. I'm not sure. I'm sure I'll get another phone call if I'm really expected somewhere.

I hate the Blue Danube. Soon it will be the putrid, crimson Danube when I'm done with it. C clarinet? Why? Really...why? It's not any more difficult to write for Bb and it really doesn't matter (All you Sneezy people and DLeeson can avoid commenting here.). Why doesn't the composer just include the transposition with the set? Crap...It's not a difficult piece. All the transposition does is add a layer of nerves to the whole shebang. The bastards...

One of these days, I'll hold Johann Strauss for the crimes he's committed. Oh, and they're numerous. I blame him for Rieu, after all.


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