Thursday, November 30, 2006

Update o' Borin'

Yeoman's work today. I spent all day cooped up in my officetel, working diligently on all manner of clarinet crap. It went well, but I'm fairly sure my neighbors should want to shoot me by now. At least this morning I slept in and refrained from assaulting their sensibilities until around 1pm. I've got similarly grandiose plans for tomorrow, but I'll be getting up a bit earlier. Perhaps I'll make some plans for the evening. Don't know yet.

To fill some space: I've also watch a number of movies lately. Tonight, I just finished

Boondock Saints: faintly acceptable, but just don't pay to see it. It gets pretty damned absurd at points, but watching Willem Dafoe riverdance is amusing.

The Transporter: Okay, so I realized that I'd seen this about 20 minutes in. Watched it anyway. It's harmless fun. Maybe I'll watch the 2nd one as a followup.


Anonymous Marie said...

Transporter, again? I still haven't seen them.

I hear No. 2, has a chick in her lingirie the whole time, plus she's kicking the Transporter's arse.

You should get a facebook account.
You can see my thanksgiving and Jeff Chang photos here:

Plug x's tired.

11/30/2006 11:36:00 AM  

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