Tuesday, November 28, 2006

The Wheels on the Bus Go Round and Round

Hm...no rehearsals recently. I'm prepping for the next cycle. Instead, I had to go with the orch on a retreat just outside of Seoul. Lots of kvetching in Korean. I didn't need to complain or give suggestions at all. In fact, it was best for me not to.

I did get cornered and invited up to drink soju, beer, and whiskey with some of the elder statesmen. A good time was had by all. It was remarked upon several times that I seem to learn the drinking ettiquette (very complicated) and the language quickly. I finally admitted that I had a little experience with both. They were so nice to me...And heavy handed with the soju. As I've been visited by the soju devil before, I knew how to keep up without actually going drink-for-drink with these guys. I just don't have the constitution. They were amazed that I was able to go until 2am. The next morning, I kept getting the "How do you feel? Are you okay?" and I always said "Great...Why?" Their response, "Wow...So strong." Frankly, I wasn't even drunk when I went to bed. Just slightly buzzed. I was sober enough to start a Phil Roth novel. Thank you to all my friends who tried to kill me with Soju over the years. You made it possible for me to survive through strategy rather than fortitude.

At least the food was good...Bibimbap for lunch...Yum. Oh...and the instant coffee mixes are kind of neat. Never had that in the US. I did manage to arrange to do the retreat and not miss a day of practice. Nice, eh? I didn't get tons of work done, but I did get somethings under my belt.

My "friends" haven't sent me any pics from Friday night. When they do, I'll pass them along. Plus the tails pix, as the Comments gallery is clamouring (rightly so) for them.


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