Friday, October 13, 2006

Something I Don't Quite Understand

Yes, there are the occasional things I don't quite grok.

Music students think they're special. Somewhere along the way during their musical "higher" education, they tend to lose their special quality and realize that they're just another cog in the wheel. Those who become depressed at this realization become jaded and one of "those" players. You know who I'm talking about. I'm talking about the gig whores. I'm talking about the guy/girl who's pounding out notes (and I do mean pounding...these folks play loud) somewhat in tune, but show no love for anything but the warm fuzzies of a new paycheck in their front left breast pocket. I have frequently looked forward to a paycheck, but I've not quite reached the final stage yet.

Of course, many occupations are cogs in wheels. It's how you perform your duty that dictates whether you are an artist or not. I have seen a number of bankers and even janitors who perform their chosen profession with pride and a sense of beauty.

Now, to return to those "special" qualities of music students. What are they special? Well, apparently they do things that the average human being can't. Apparently, they are able to tap into some primordial flow of genius that Larry, Darell, and Darell can't hope to experience.

Here's the kicker: If you can't partake of this enlightenment, you deserve to be treated like the mongrel you are. That's right. If you aren't a music student or a big-name musician, you are, as a conductor friend termed it "the floor of a cab." Sick, huh? Been in a Boston cab recently? How about at 3 am early Sunday morning?

In a music school, there are many supportive staff positions that make musical education possible. Since these staff members aren't conducting or performing in that environment, they must be as useful as your average roll of toilet paper, correct? Of course, they have to deal with the mental version of the same amount of waste that the paper encounters.

That being said, it sickens me to watch people turn to being polite, civilized human beings overnight. The only change, a staff member getting an orchestra job. You can smell the putrid stench of envy and obsequiousness.


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