Monday, October 09, 2006

A Meal of Side Dishes

Ah, the clarinet...I seem to spend most of my time playing scales and Bach. Damn, that would be a great way to make a living. Is there anyone out there who makes a living entirely on playing Bach?

Oh yeah, saw Donnie Darko finally. I liked it. I need me a creepy, english-soccer-hooligan-toothed bunny rabbit. Especially one with a newly ventilated right eye socket. And a 757 engine, freshly sheared. Can anyone help me with either of these?

Okay, that was inappropriate. I almost apologize.

Callithumpian Consort concert tomorrow night at Jordan Hall. I'm not playing, but I'm pretty sure there'll be some JLA and Earle Brown. I'm planning on sitting in the audience and partaking of the goodness for once. I may even try to indoctrinate a new audience member for the cause.

I'm pretty sure that Dukas wrote the "Sorcerer's Apprentice" just to torture me. Too many unison runs to make me happy. Anyone know where I can find his remains? I'm pretty sure they deserve a desecration.

Who'd have thought moving to a new country (with an entirely new language) would be so complicated? The most complicated part? Dealing with my damned car while I'm gone. Is it illegal to blow it up if I don't claim the insurance? Can I do it some place public? All big-like and what-not? I want a fireball too. Can fireballs be overlooked? I'm not looking to defraud anyone...just a real big, satisfying kablooie. And some rubble...there'll certainly be rubble.

Crap...I gotta get back to studying and all that crap.


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