Friday, October 06, 2006

Side Projects

Now that I'm wrapping things up stateside, people keep sending work my way. A bunch of Library work just fell in my lap, but I'm unable to make a long-term committment. Instead, I may just help them and get them set up for the next cycle. Perhaps I'll pass along much of it to my now-assistant and hope that they can carve out time to handle it. Either way, this seems to be the way things go these days. As soon as I make a decision to move on from one aspect of my life, someone always offers up extra work. Closing a door, opening a window, or portal to another dimension.

Alright, my little minions: What modern solo work(s) should I take with me to Korea? I have the perfect opportunity to learn some pieces properly while I'm with the orchestra. If you say "The Sequenza!", I swear to God I'll have some hood punch you in the left kidney. What else should I take? As I'm not a huge fan of solo repertoire, this may be the only chance I allow myself for years to learn the rep. My goal is to record it/them near the end of my stay so I'll have an impetus for working hard on the piece(s).

It's about damned time for bed. Hopefully I'll sleep in on Saturday. As it is, I have a pleasantly full day planned for tomorrow. Gotta stay pretty and all that, so I'm off for my beauty rest.


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