Sunday, October 01, 2006

Pop Goes the Tawaineasel, Again!

Went to another Jeff Chang Taiwanese pop show tonight. This time, we took 3 more friends (for a total of 5) to indoctrinate into the fan club. We now have 5 members. Jeff is a damned wonder on stage. I'm still considering having him show up at every gig I play. He's not even faking the enthusiasm. Just living it. Please see the last review I had of Jeff's band. Sadly, they're only listed as a Berklee Band. This time, there were a few personnel changes, but we were there to see Jeff.

With a buzzcut and a 1/4 turned hat, he was trying to sport the hiphop look. What the hell, it was great. Another fun show. I believe that we were at some point interviewed by a reporter. She didn't get our names, so I won't have to live that down. We did profess to being unabashed fans who don't currently understand a damned thing being sung.

I got my practicing in earlier that day, thank you very much. Plenty of practice, too. Then hit the "Going-Out-Of-Business" Sale (till 11/4) over at Virgin Records on Mass Ave. Got some good deals on music I need to learn posthaste.

Get thee to this band's next gig!

Oh yeah, I got a line on a Taiwanese metal band fronted by a real cutie. I'll definitely investigate. Gotta hear this one.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yes, yes, more Jeff Chang.

-Mari-chan (aka: too lazy too log into Blogger.)

10/03/2006 11:34:00 AM  

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