Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Another Day Bites the Dust

Peaks and valleys of practicing...6 hours one day, 45 minutes the next. It's not good for the stock market...It's not good for me.

Callithumpian Consort's Concert tonight:

Alvin Lucier's "Ever Present" for flute, sax, piano- Seems like a decent piece. A little long, but the process takes that long to finish. I didn't fall asleep. I was amused by the interaction between the passing sine wave and the acoustic instruments. Lucier was in the house. Apparently he has a new clarinet piece. I'll need to email him soon.

Earle Brown's "Sign Sounds"-similar to Event Synergy II in construction it seems. There are a number of constraints on what the players actually play at anyone time, but the possibilities of collage/reconstruction by the conductor are endless. I was kept in rapt attention for each playing of the piece...except the last one. One too many.

JL Adams' "songbirdsongs"-Yup...Good. Seen them do it before. Getting a little repetitive now and I haven't heard every performance they've given. Just record it and move on to the next piece folks. I'm easily bored, you gimps.

It's a little strange going to these concerts as an audience member only. I've been playing in the band for about 9 years now. As I'm in the middle of a rather disruptive change, I've been unable to keep up with the schedule recently. Of course, once I move, I won't be able to play or go to the concerts. I guess that means I'll have to bring some Thump to Seoul, huh? Maybe a satellite outfit? Heh heh...


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