Monday, October 02, 2006

Evidence of Socialization

How I spent Yom Kippur: Atoning for my sins with the Taiwanese and a few whiteys.

From Right: Mike "The Newest Convert to the Jeff Chang Fan Club" Winer, Mumz of the New England School of Battle Axes (that's what her name tag says), Mari-chan, and other

Go-Go girls buffing the front man's skull while a less-than-horrified drummer gazes in another direction. She's a solid drummer, by the way.

The usual suspects: Starting from right Mumz, Mari-chan, Jeff "The" Chang, and other. Note the hat.

Sadly, Greta was not captured on film...Or any other way. I promise a post on the Taiwanese metal band fronted by a perfectly pleasant young girl if I can at all arrange it. I'm expecting something earth-shattering.

Oh yeah: Got ahold of a score to the Roussel Symphony No. 3. Wahoo. Damned thing was hard to track down. Russ helped and he didn't even know it. That guy. Gonna buy him a Doctorate. What kind of Doctorate? A Pepper one, you fools.

Okay, so I'm heading to NY tomorrow. If you need a ride in the same direction, give me a ring. I'm pretty well booked on Tuesday, but Wednesday has some openings. I've got to see my technician mid-morning, but I'll be puttering around a bit after that. I'll head home late. Gonna try to head over to Juilliard and stand in awe of their new Orchestra Librarian before I get my clarinets gussied up.


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