Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Insert Bernard Herman Music Here life is winding down in Boston. Friends and acquaintances are starting to walk up to me and congratulate me on my upcoming Korean shenanigans. They invariably look shocked after I tell them that my first rehearsal in Seoul is Nov. 6. Wow. Between the looming exit date and Kim Jong Il's increasingly poofy-haired madness, I'm starting to get a little fidgety. I haven't even started packing yet.

However, I am still practicing. Still trying to make sure I don't sound like ass for my first full-time orchestra gig. Friends in Korea keep saying "We'll have so much fun." I'm not sure whether to look forward to the fun or be wary about anything that will take away from my doing a superlative job.

I have spread the gospel of citron tea/Yooja Cha a little further. Met a singer recently who comes from a much warmer climate. She seemed not to have any idea of the misery the cold will bring. As a welcome gift to a new Bostonian, I picked up a jar of the citron tea when I happened upon a new Korean grocery store. This poor girl...Hopefully she'll avail herself of it's goodness. As a singer, she'll need to keep awfully good care of those cords. TM, if you stumble upon this: Good luck. Let me know how you've fared in your first mortal battle with Boston weather.


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