Sunday, June 03, 2007

Ay Papi

Two concerts this weekend...two chances to do something interesting...something well. For the first, I felt like a fraud. Not just producing music of no consequence, but a musical version of the emperor with no clothes. It was horrifying. For my part, I could have phoned in my part and been just as effective...perhaps even texted it in. For the second, I was but a cog in the wheel of a larger ensemble. Many musicians get awfully uppity about playing these gigs, but this gig got an enthusiastic response from the audience. The music wasn't of the architectural or emotional content of Ligeti or Brahms, but it was played honestly. No BS. There were several standing ovations.

Today I feel as if the title of my blog couldn't be more true. Tomorrow, back to the work at hand. Tonight, not so much.

I need to get a significant bit of my Gunther paper written before the my June visitors arrive.


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