Monday, April 02, 2007

The Home Stretch

Well, things are starting to wrap up for at least one project of mine. I've got this week to finish shopping my wares to my friends and colleagues before I take them on the road this weekend. I just want to do a good job, so I'm getting as much feedback as possible. Thinks aren't looking grim, which is...not grim.

The Lanza tribute was fun. Had a ton of free pasta. I also had a chance to dust off my pidgin Korean and make sure I still remembered a few nouns and verbs. I did find the only two Koreans in Boston (to be fair, they've been here only 2 months) who didn't believe that certain Korean restaurant up the street from where I went to college was complete crap. I felt awful for them and promptly directed them to many better options. (By the way, Korea House in Chinatown is closed. Apparently, they took my leaving for Korea kind of hard, closed up shop, and disappeared. I just hope they'll forgive me. Their saewoo kangpoongi was awesome.)

Oh I finally made it to the theater and saw Reign Over Me with Adam Sandler and Don Cheadle. I've avoided all 911 movies up to now (excpet for Loose Change), but I thought this one looked like it might approach things right. The last two movies that hit wide release about 911 seemed to be big blockbuster crash movies, which I really didn't want to see. I particularly didn't want to see Nick Cage try to pull my hearstrings. So far, Cheadle has picked good scripts and always been a classy actor. On that alone, I wanted to see this. I was hoping that Adam Sandler wouldn't completely schmuck it up.

In fact, the two of them performed excellently. The script has some small problems, but Cheadle was very good...very subtle. Sandler had a rough task ahead of him and he did very well. There are scenes where you can see his character shut down and revert back to old coping mechanisms in just a few seconds, even when dealing with someone else's grief. It's usually done with just his face and a "So...we gonna go get Chinese?" Sandler's got a fine performance under his belt. Between the two of them, this is a film absolutely worth seeing. Liv Tyler just kind of limps through her part.

It turns out that this really isn't a 9/11 movie. That aspect is certainly there, but purely as a trigger for what devestates Sandler's character. It's assumed that the audience gets why he is so destroyed. Don't worry about having 9/11 horses exhumed and beaten for this. This one is really about these two guys, their friendship, and how they help each other deal with shit (to put it technically).


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