Wednesday, March 14, 2007

A Cloud Parts...a Ray of Gold Shines Down dream job has opened up. Well, it hasn't opened up, but I've information on very good authority that it will be announced soon that said job will be available. I have about 8 months until the audition, it seems. I've got the repertoire list from the last time this position was open, so I'll be working on that until I get more concrete information regarding the new list. Yay...

Crap...It suddenly dawned on me that I'll now have to win the job. Oops...Why don't they just give it to me as restitution for the bollux with which I've dealt over the past few years? Oh well...I'd better start studying those parts soon. The list for this audition is a little strange compared to the past few auditions I've taken.

I've a few pics to post sometime soon. A number of musician friends were in town from 'round the globe, so we wandered over to Chef Chang's House for a heapin' helpin' o' Peking Duck. It's always better when you can let the Taiwanese couple do all the work of ordering. Just let them know you want plenty of food.

Oh, and I've stopped bothering to re-read for if you couldn't tell.


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