Saturday, March 10, 2007

Recordings and Such

The 'thumpians and I ended up just recording the Earle Brown last Tuesday. They also had a session with Xenakis' Epicycles (Ben Schwartz, solo cello) earlier in the afternoon. The Brown recording will be interesting, but Ben's performance of the Xenakis is just fantastic. The whole damned piece is played without vibrato. Playing in tune seems is hard enough for string players, but playing Xenakis without the crutch of vibrato must be a real bitch. Regarless, Ben owned the piece.

What shall become of this piece, a faithful reader (and mother) asks? Who the hell knows? It'll probably disappear into the vaults like so many of the other Callithumpian recordings. Most of them are pieces that don't have other recordings available, so it's doubly annoying that they haven't made it to the stores yet. I know of a violin concerto recording that's just dumbfounding in it's accomplishment, but it's sitting on a shelf somewhere. Were this to get out, it might win an award or two. That's how good it is. Frankly, I'd be happy to get copies of most of these recordings, at this point.

Speaking of recordings: I did something mildly naughty. I took my laptop to record myself before an orchestra rehearsal recently. I wanted to sit in a big hall and see how my new setup works. (I believe my quote was "I'm going to try to eat the orchestra with my sound.") I was getting alot of the solidity of sound in the throat register and below. Also, the homogeneity of the sound was much better. All in all, a good little session. Here's the kicker...It turns out that, with my newly cleaned up hard drive and new recording software, I had PLENTY of space to record the rehearsal. So, I just left the rig running surreptitiously in the back of the hall. Oddly enough, my solos over the orchestra are clear as day. My solos with alot less texture underneath are less easily heard. Hm...

Why is this recording mildly naughty? Well, no one else in the ensemble signed a recording release for for me. Shhh....Why do you think I'm deleting the files immediately and not giving you the name of the ensemble? Shh....(Like anything is private 'round these parts.)

Back to not working...


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