Friday, March 30, 2007

A Gig and a Read

Okay, so tomorrow is an odd gig. I don't know alot about it other than the fact that it will be somewhere in Rhode Island. The repertoire consists of many tunes that Mario Lanza sang and made famous. The repertoire is fun and the bass clarinetist laughs at my comments. That's all one really needs, right?

So, I'm finishing up a rather good book, "The Inextinguishable Symphony" by Martin Goldsmith. My friend CP in DC lent it to me and said it was an interesting read. It's a rather disturbing portrait of the author's parents and their experiences in Nazi Germany. His parents were both musicians in orchestras in Germany at the time and took part in a Jewish orchestra run by the propaganda machine under Hitler. Their abilities to play their instruments seem to have allowed them the opportunity to escape what was going on.

Go to if you'd like to purchase it. I have no stake in it; just a good read. Too bad I'll need to return it to my friend when next I hit DC.


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