Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Spies and Expanding Mania

US Dept. of Energy my rear-end. That's like saying that a "think tank" is where people ponder the world's problems rather than ponder new and "improved" vote tallying. I'm fairly sure none of my friends work in that industry in DC. Most would either resent the time taken away from either practicing or partying. Feel free to drop a note and let us know who you are/why you are here. If it's Alberto, I'll try to keep the sedition to a dull roar.

On the other hand, it looks as if I'll be able to snag a big room tomorrow for a recorded runthrough of a bunch of repertoire. Why might I want this? Excellent question, but stop sucking up. Practicing solely in one's room (or the front room if no one else is home) is all well and good, but the acoustic properties of big rooms are much different. Frequently, playing with the amount of resonance necessary for a big freakin' hall while in a small practice space just creates a wall of sound through which it's difficult to hear. One can fix most of the technical and musical issues in a small room, but a big room is where you need to see if your sound is going to have too much/little edge when you're firing on all cylanders. I'm not sure which big room I'll use tomorrow, but there are several different possibilities, all with varying levels of being live. Any of them will provide good feedback, providing I have my little recording setup for later review.

Aren't I such a nerd?


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