Saturday, March 17, 2007

White Powder

Okay, any girl that describes a previous musical project as "Two Jewish girls do Salt n' Pepa" seems to me to be worth investigating. After assisting someone in getting ahold of this album (apparently not the easiest thing), I took a listen to it. It's fantastic. The sound goes back a bit to the girl groups of the 50's and 60's, but the lyrics at points most certainly do not. She's got an excellent voice. If you want some horror-inducing comedy, go check outYouTube and find her rendition of Michael Jackson's Beat It with Charlotte Church. Yup, the little 12-year-old Limey is still singing. I guess she's no longer 12, but I've never been one for details. Oh, and the performance takes place on Church's TV show. I'm pretty sure that's the 5th Seal being broken right there. I'm already stocking up on canned food in expectation of the coming plagues.

Wait a minute...Couldn't the FSM do something about that whole Apocalypse thing? I mean...he's got many tenticles/noodles/appendages. He's got at least enough to subdue the Four Horsemen. The Marinara alone should keep the horses busy and out of the fight.

The television tells me that we got 6 inches of snow yesterday. Thank god they told me repeatedly and without any sense of calm, because I wouldn't have believed them if they didn't have someone dressed as the Gordon's Fisherman battling Nature on Route 2. Sometimes just looking out the window can't be trusted.

Oh, and some kids offered to clear my sidewalk for a few bucks. Since I don't own the place and don't plan on leaving the building for a few days, I declined. However, I did tell them to come back this afternoon and they can dig my car out for a few bucks more. Nice...


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