Saturday, December 16, 2006


Yup...Snow...and quite a bit of it. The flakes over in Apgujeong were easily as big as my thumbnail. Big fluffy snow. Wahoo! (just to clarify, that "Wahoo!" was yelped in earnest...I loves me some snow. No school!)

I just managed to get home through a harrowing car ride back from the movie theatre. I was lured out of my house this afternoon after a day of practicing and teaching with the promise of Taco Bell. Yes, of course there was a pretty face involved. When we got to the US Army base, one of our band o' three had the wrong kind of ID. Instead, we went to an American-style greasy spoon in Itaewon, where we loaded up on Cheeseburgers, fries, and wings (oddly spice-free wings...). Bascially, all the grease and fat your mother (and several million doctors) warned you about. Pour a couple of beers on that and you're talking about a nice relaxing dinner.

Then the pretty face (she's taken guys, and not by me; she's another old friend from school...Those of you who know my "aesthetically pleasing environmental regulations" please bring your neighbors up to date) and I went and saw a movie. The movie was either titled "Holiday" or "Romantic Holiday". Not really sure, eventhough it is an American flick with Jack Black, Cameron Diaz, and that frumpy (but oddly cute) chick from Titanic...You know, the Limey...Yes, that one. Anywho, total chick flick, but it kept me entertained. Oh, and Jude Law was in it. That Diaz chick is looking a little leathery in the face. (Gotta tear 'em down to make myself feel better.)

About the ride home: Boston has Seoul creamed in the street cleaning/preparing department. Now, it may look abyssmal outside due to the unexpected arival and quantity of snow, but I'm sure I'll have an opinion the next time this happens. Either way, I'm alive and I'm getting better at dealing with cabbies in Korean. Pretty cheap cabs compared to any of your major US cities.

Ah practicing...Daphnis and Chloe. Lots of recording and metronome work. My teachers might be proud of the work ethic, but the results remain to be seen.

I need to get ahold of two Eb clarinet parts: Shostakovich 5 and 6. Can someone help me here? I didn't have a reason to bring them, but I have run into a need for them. Is there a way to get them via pdf from one of my good good, ever-s0-angelic friends?

Oh, although I never did find a free, live feed to Stephanie Miller, I do get my daily does of Right Wing World, Stand Up News, and Tinsel Talk. Thank FSM for my daily does of inanity. Otherwise I'd have to provide the inanity.


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