Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Feces, Wolves, and Butter

Same sh*t, different day, as I always say, but today had a little less fecal a quality to it. Few hours in the morning of rehearsal that was constantly amusing. Notice I didn't say enlightening or educating. Amusing. There were actual moments where I laughed out loud.

This evening was amusing because it was fun. I had significantly less suckage on my part as the Cat in Pater und der Volf. Oh yes, please don't write to inform me that my German sucks. I'm fairly sure that there are all kinds of problems with my German as I don't know German. I make stuff up. In fact, I make up stuff in English too. My students are frequently the victims of that. Sadly, I've continued that bad habit even with my new Korean student.

I tried to have it explained to him beforehand (in Korea) that I'm a nutcase. I'm not sure if that ever happened. He's learning firsthand.

Okay, so a concert tomorrow night. You haven't heard Messiah until you've heard it in Korean! (With clarinets...I can't believe it's not Handel/butter.)

And a concert Friday...a benefit concert for the handicapped no less! (I've now hit my quote for exclamation marks.) I'll be playing as a guest with a flute choir doing Peter and the Wolf (all the standard licks) a couple of tunes from Bizet's Carmen, and maybe a few Christmas Carols. My friend JY asked me to do this concert and, as she's one of my favorite people and musicians, I said "What the hell? Where's my bowl of green M&Ms and my coterie of 6 Mini Schnauzers damnit?" After she rammed her pencil into my left cornea, I heartily agreed to play without any of the standard riders to my contract. Occasionally you have to take one for the team. It's for the handicapped, for FSM's sake.

Let me know if you want tix. If you're cute, I may give them to you. If you're male, however, it's a freakin' benefit for the handicapped. Buy the tix.


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