Monday, December 11, 2006

"Oh My God! You Killed Kenny!"

Holy Mary, sister-in-law to the FSM am I tired. Crapweasel...I started a perfectly lovely day by practicing (Yup, still hate reeds.). After a good clarinet workout, I had a leisurely lunch, followed by nearly three hours of dreck. Ever just run the Messiah, had a 15 minute break, and then run it again in reverse order? That's right. No rehearsal, just running. Holy crap was I burnt out after that one. Of course, then I jumped on the train and had ANOTHER rehearsal, this time of Peter and the Wolf.

It turns out that the music that was given me is riddled with mistakes and missing much of the part that the conductor expected. As I'm that kind of guy, I just happened to have 2 copies (Bb and A) of the orginal orchestra version (we're playing a transcription, heavily edited) and made myself useful right there on the spot. It's so tiring jumping back and forth to figure out what should be played and when I should return to the transcription. The conductor seemed to appreciate my effort. Tomorrow should be better as, now that I know what I need to do, I'll have a map laid out. I'll use tomorrow's rehearsal to work out the kinks in my map and then make a new part for Wednesday's rehearsal. It's the orchestra librarian in me rearing its beautiful head.

I did have a kind of shrimp and kimchee fried rice afterwards that was thoroughly enjoyed. Frankly, after not having eaten since 11am, I was quite ready by 9pm to rip the arms off the nearest flutist and gnaw on that for awhile.

Of course, a room full of Koreans didn't expect a rather goofy looking white guy to stumble into the room for the rehearsal. I was certainly the animal in the zoo and not the patron. They even made a special point to introduce me. Oy.

So, I've only had 5 hours of rehearsal today plus a few hours of practicing. I shouldn't be complaining at all. Somewhere, there are people having to rehearse 10 hours, barefoot, through 10 feet of snow and gravel, at high altitude, while juggling live grenades...or something like that.

"You bastards!"


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