Thursday, December 14, 2006

Between gigs

So here's my guess on this whole San Mateo business. More than likely, the culprit doesn't live in San Mateo, but in the general environs of San Francisco. His/Her ISP is probably located in SM, leading to a trail that ends there. Does this sound like you, dear reader? If so, leave a comment so I can finally stop thinking about it. My brain can only handly so many issues at once and this one has been clogging the tubes for a few weeks.

Messiah last night. Oh dear FSM...that's all I can legally say. Plus, the grief counselors tell me I shouldn't really speak about it in detail as it may traumatize others.

Concert tomorrow. This one should be fun. It may not be a roof-raising shivaree, but merriment should be had by all. Of course, I'm getting to play a few little flashy things and then be done, but the rest of the concert should be good. If you have the time at 8pm, let me know and I'll point you in the right direction. (If you haven't noticed lately, I'm being a bit vague about some of my work here as I'd prefer to keep my job and jobs. I'm not completely in the loop as to how blogs are viewed here by organizations, so I'd rather not be the test case.)

I get three days off in a row! Whoopee. Of course, I'll spend them practicing like a maniac. Boo.

Now I'm going to bed. My brain hurts.


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