Sunday, November 19, 2006

2 Krispy Kreme Donuts are Sitting Next to My Laptop

Whoopee...The tux tails are on their way. I have to go in for a fitting Tuesday morning and will hopefully be able to pick up the finished product before Thurs' concert. I believe that the concert will be at the Seoul Arts Center, but I'm not positive. My friend, a fellow clarinet enthusiast, helped me with the negotiations and got me an excellent price for a custom tailored set of tails. What a way to spend my money, eh? I'd better be paid on time.

Just in case the tails aren't ready, I brought the white bow time home with me. I know, I know....You don't have to say it. I'm a genius. (But I don't mind it if you do say it out loud.)

When I say "excellent price," I really mean, "Wow...Holy crap...In the US this guy couldn't make a living!" Ah...Korea...and Itaewon. Lot's and lot's of competition on that street.

Hm...what else? Oh, I now am well-stocked with movies to keep myself busy while not practicing.

Ooh...and apparently I'm going to be heading out on Sat. night with someone new. Nice, eh? Does that mean that I have to not look like a disheveled rat who just rolled out of the gutter? Damn...It's been a while since I've had to do that...Perhaps Wikipedia can help me out with that.

One last tidbit: My clarinetist friend and I dropped by the Seoul Arts Center (so I'd know the layout before my concert) and also went by the Seoul National University of Arts while we were at it. They're in the same complex, like Juilliard and Lincoln Center. The place felt alot like NCSA...A nice mix of dancers and musicians running around being artsy fartsy (to quote Mr. Potato(e)-head Quayle). It turns out that the Clarinet Ensemble has a concert on Tuesday night outside of Seoul (I had to initiate the questioning as my friend was too shy. Who's the one that speaks Korean here, eh?) As I can't really go to the concert, I was invited to come to the rehearsal tomorrow night at around 7/730. I hope that I can go. The program looks odd, which is my cup of tea. (Basically, I'm fine as long as I don't see any mention of Pachelbel.)

No pics worthy of posting this time.


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