Monday, November 20, 2006

These are not the Donuts you're looking for...

They're gone. They weren't the normal glazed though. If I stumbe upon the local KK and don't see the glazed as I know them to be, I may have to burn the place down.

So I shat all over rehearsal today. Oh, and the rehearsal was entirely in Korean. Ha ha....I usually knew where we were going to start each time we played, but my 2nd player saved me a couple of times. Why make things simple? I'm pretty sure that the conductor said "Do this phrase the way the clarinet does" a few times, but I'm not going to stake any money on it.

We even got the afternoon off. They cancelled the afternoon rehearsal. What did I do to celebrate? Went home and watch Clerks 2 (Very funny...there were many laugh-out-loud moments. Hilarious, I'd say. Er...But don't watch it with your Mother.). I wanted to be FAR away from my clarinets.

After that, I went back to practicing. -Much- better after the break.

The wind section in the orch looked completely different than the last cycle. There was a new oboist on trial (poor girl was scared out of her mind...ah, those were the days...Er...those were yesterdays and todays...And last week. And probably Wednesday and Thursday.). We just barrelled through alot of the repertoire, but didn't play Lucevan. Damnit...The only thing I'm worried about, and I'll get one shot in rehearsal on Wed before Thursday's concert.

Gotta go in for the fitting on the tux tomorrow morning. Expect lewd pictures.

Okay, what they hell? Two of my friends have decided to hook me up with two of their friends. Now, the two friends don't know each other (as don't the two other friends (once-removed) either, I'd imagine)...Oh, and we're not talking about simultaneous "hook me up," so stop leering.

I'll repeat "What the hell?" I mean, it's nice that they think I'm worth pimping, but perhaps they've just tired of me and are already pawning me off? We'll see. On a similar note, I think that I shocked and awed the 3 young ladies in the orch office today. Er...not in a good way either...I'm pretty sure they were amused/horrified at what I had to say. As Marie knows, I tned to shoot for a healthy dose of horrified.

Oh, and finished the day with Shaun of the Dead. Outstanding.

Tomorrow: Tux and setting up Sat's plans. Oy.

(Take the Oy as yiddish or punk rock...Here it works as either.)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

You are alive. Good. We got the electric and phone bill. plug.

11/20/2006 09:22:00 AM  

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