Saturday, November 18, 2006


Okay, so I haven't been posting lately...and my earlier post was more of a hit-and-run than a detailed missive. Here we go:

So I saw a beautiful production of Tosca last Monday night by the Teatro di Roma. Tosca and the Tenor lead were really quite good singers. Scarpia was okay. He was certainly competent, but he lacked the resonance to get his voice to the back wall. Frankly, he lacked the resonance to get to about the 15th row. Oh yeah, that's where I was seated. My ticket says that my seat was 330,000 won, which translates to more than 300 US bucks. No, I didn't pay for it. You know me better than that.

Yes, I really did eat live octopus. Apparently, I have relatives who don't believe me. If you'd like, you can call DJ, JY, and Yuri to confirm my story. They're all NEC alums. There was also a bass player at the table, but I didn't know her or her name. No one bothered to introduce me. They were too busy preparing me for the plate o' writhing tentacles about to be placed in front of me for my consumption. It was good...but he wasn't too keen on being eaten that day.

I've been told that I will be meeting with the NEC Koreans next friday for a little shindigging. I do hope that my shins stay intact.

Ooh...A concert coming up Thurs. The rep, you ask? I'd be happy to divulge as it's sitting on the stand next to me:

Tchaikovsky Romeo and Juliette Ov.
Verdi Lucevan e stelle (Tosca)
Verdi Brindisi from Traviata
Elgar Salut D'Amour
Sarasate Carmen Fantasy (w/ Marimba, I do believe)
Bizet Toreador Song from Carmen
Puccini Vissi D'arte (Tosca)
Reinecke Ballad for Solo Flute (w/ the orch's excellent Princ. Flute as soloist)
Bernstein/Mason West Side Story Selections for Orch.
Puccini Oh! Mio Babbino Caro (Gianni Schicchi) {hitting all the big tunes, eh?}

Yeah, it's seems to be a bit o' the popular tunes, but they're good tunes.

Holy crap is my internet connection fast. I think that this posting will actually get posted before I finish writing it. It's that fast.

Oh, and apparently I've got to learn Peter and the Wolf for Dec. for an as-of-yet-unnamed group and concert. Mmm...I do like playing the clarinet for a living. It's nice to be the prophet in another land for once.

Oh, and I spent at least 3 hours today playing Eb clarinet...Till Eulenspiegel and Symphonie Fantastique. Those damned trills are going to be the end of me...Or of my neighbors' patience. So far, no one has said anything to me about the insane amount of racket I'm making. Let's hope they keep that up. I'm counting on at least a little bit of confusion when I open the door to upset banging...Only to be a whitey who doesn't understand what is being yelled at him. How long do you think I can feign complete ignorance before someone finds a taser?

Oh yeah, I've had another inquiry about a student. I've given the initial go ahead, but I'm a little wary to get too booked right now. I still haven't seen all the palaces. I still need to write my old student.

Speaking of which, I'll go do that now.


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