Friday, November 17, 2006

On the Net Again...

Whew...Who'd a thunk it? I actually had to exert pressure to get back on the internet. I now have blazing fast 'Net in my Officetel. My new place is right behind the Sejong Center, so I have about a three minute walk to work, when I have to work.

For the past 5 days, I've basically been sitting on my ass practicing. The next concert (the 23rd) is my 2nd here, but I've got to play Princ. the entire time. I've got to do Lucevan, which I heard the Principal do several nights ago in Tosca. He played beautifully, so I guess I've actually got to know what I'm doing here. The orchestra is already used to playing this aria well. I can't exactly come in a crap all over it. Well, I could...But I'd bet that the orchestra would find an open seat on a Boston-bound flight pretty easily.

Since I last posted, I've looked around Seoul a little, eaten live squid, gone to a friend's concert, bought dubious VCD's of Korean movies, read a book on Philosophy and The Simpsons (it's due back at the Stagecrew Library soon, but I'm pretty sure they're not even sure I have it), read most of a book of Richard Feynman's letters, made myself a regular at the new (to me) bakery downstairs, started adventuring out by myself to various restaurants (including the 24 hr joint across the street...Kim Bap Heaven...literally), and various other whatnot.

I have to get my friend to return my phone calls so I can order my tails, though.

No, not in a tux, doofus. Keep your mind out of the gutter.


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