Saturday, November 04, 2006

Seoulian Hodgepodge

Alright folks, I have my address and cellphone number here in Seoul, but I've decided not to post it. I figure that you'll just have to email me (or leave a comment here) and I'm happy to pass it along. I just would rather not post it here for the bots to scavenge.

So one of my friends forced me into using the subway alone last night. Oy vey. It was quite an adventure. I'm amazed at how many stations there are on this system. I'm fairly sure that I'm going to have to cajole a friend into helping me figure out how to buy some kind of pass. Today was a second run and it went alot better. Only had to double back in the station once.

So the job is looking good. The first concert is going to beat me like a rented mule, it appears. I have to play principal on two pieces. Of course, I had been told to practice the 2nd part. I will play 2nd on a 3rd piece, but damn. It appears as if I will be playing Principal for the entire 2nd and 3rd concerts, but I'll bet that will change at some point. Either way, at least I'll have a shot at showing my wares.

I'm not positive yet as to why, but I haven't figure out how to turn on the air conditioning in my room. I do love the heated floor, but I'm not sure as to how to shut the damned thing off. As a result, I'm in a room about 10-15 degrees warmer than I'd like. It's also a bitch to keep my reeds in good condition.

Back to music: Went to a concert last night by a pianist with formidible technique. Really quite impressive. She was playing music that wasn't exactly filled with substance, so it was hard to get a read on her musicianship. Really impressive technique though. Afterwards, it appears as if I was offered a recital in the hall. I think that I politely expressed interest but made it known that I needed to wait a couple of months before I could schedule something like that.

Between that and the several inquiries about students I've had, it looks like things might be heading in the right direction. First, though: Not sounding like ass.


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