Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Last Minute Prep

Visa problems and visa problems. For the next two days, I must hide out in my house practicing, packing, and waiting for a bevy of deliverymen. I'm going up against the impossible dream here: Hoping that deliveryment actually deliver in a timely manner. I've got reeds, reed knives, and a crapload of paperwork on it's way to my hungry doorstep.

I've also got to go through my rather obscene pile of mail (read: bills) so I make sure not to screw my credit rating too badly while I'm gone. Don't these companies understand that I just don't care? Can't I hire someone to take care of this crap for me?

Where's all the music in this post? I mentioned something about practicing in the first paragraph. Essentially, my life is now taken over completely with two acts: the act of moving to Korea, and the act of celebrating the move to Korea. So far, I have "celebrating" planned for nearly every day between now and the departure at 9am on Tues the 31st. Wa-freakin-hoo people. Wahoo.


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