Monday, August 21, 2006

Workin' on the Chain...Gang

So tired...Took yesterday off. Today: JeanJean, Baermann scales, Cavallini, Berio.

Ooh...This Berio is going to let me quicken up my articulation. It's always nice to use and abuse a particular piece just to further my selfish clarinet needs. For now, I'll focus on "Burst speed staccato."

Well, my schedule has imploded and I have no idea how this season will turn out in the end. My performances this fall look like they might be limited to just two continents, though. Is that good? Should I shoot for another continent?

Something horrifying: I saw a bit of the movie Drumline on the road last week. Did anyone notice Orlando Bloom "conducting"? Holy Mary Mother of FSM. 진짜? That's conducting. Oy vey.

I gotta go listen to these Britten Sea Interludes now...Get my Peter Grimes on...


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