Friday, August 11, 2006

So Very Ashamed

Oh dear god, I'm so very ashamed. Beyond ashamed...I'm positively a puddle of what could formerly be considered human. Today, like a naive future junkie's first prick of the needle, I watched a drama. It had to do with Harvard...well, supposedly. They were all wearing Harvard sweatshirts, hats, and many other branded clothes. The acting is horribl, the stories convoluted and absurd, and the text hilariously incompetent. Oh, how I'm hooked. I saw 3 episodes. Oh dear god...

I'm sure that some of you know exactly of what drama I'm speaking. I'm too embarrassed to even speak its full name. Even the soundtrack is horrendous. Oh dear god. What's next, Sonatas that take place in Winter? Oh dear god. Have I picked up a habit here? I'm not sure if I can quit any time I want.

On a better note: I like reeds (except when I don't). I especially like them when they do what I want. Even more when most of them do what I want. mule whippings this evening. Instead, this particular jackass actually had a decent showing.

I'm sure I'll be back to putrid playing by tomorrow. Never fear...

Oh dear god. Help me.


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