Thursday, August 17, 2006

Stocking Stuffed With Care

Mmm...New music in the mail today. It's like a mini-Chris-mas. Britten, Beethoven,Faure, Liebermann. That last one seems to have some tricky licks in it. It's nice to start thinking about performances again. Gotta start cycling that stuff back into my routine. Got about a month on this particular cycle. Plenty of time if I'm at all decent at the practicing portion of things. It'll get really interesting as I start adding other concerts to the mix.

Tomorrow is the last day of teaching at my summer digs. It's actually gone by fairly quickly this year. There are always students that flabbergast one, but there's usually at least one new one that turns out to be fun. This time, an old one turned on the high heat and made huge advances this summer. It was great to see. I look forward to jumping back to work with him during the season.

So, this Berio business. I've decided to make this piece an excuse for regaining my pianissimo. I've been playing so damned loud lately that I figure I need an excuse to go back to the Morty Feldman end of the dynamic range. All those p's Berio writes weren't for exercise, after all. Let's see if I can make a beautiful sound, huh? Game on.

Someone has visited this wayguk's blog from -very- far away very recently. Who could it be? Is all the awful grammar in several languages drawing attention?

I think that I may know 김삼순. In fact, I'm pretty sure that I've been in all of those situations where she has to speak English/Konglish/Korean. Go-Stop? Been there. Coffee? Been there. Couldn't stop laughing.

Back isn't feeling good yet. Afraid to start running without crippling pain. Alright...maybe not crippling...How about annoying? Yeah, that'll work. I'm not into the pain. I'm into sleep.

Speaking of which...


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