Sunday, August 13, 2006


(I understand I've rather avoided my standard musical topics lately. My regular readers who are friends understand why. I'll return to that business later. For now, I'm just checking in and informing in my way.)

I kicked the Harvard drama habit. Congratulations to me? No. I didn't quit it cold turkey. I went the sly route and just finished all of the supply. All 16 episodes. Oh ashamed. Thank god there's no more of it. I'd watch it. It's like my hand moved of its own accord and I just kept clicking play. Horrifying, I tell you.

I was sure that someone was going to die of lymphoma, or some such wasting disease. Almost, but no. This one went against stereotype. 김태희 certainly tried, though. I've already been warned that Stairway to Heaven is just horrible about that stuff. That one I'm afraid I'll have to avoid.

(Then again, I tried to avoid this one...)

I"ll be away from this neck of the woods for a couple of days starting Sunday. For those of you who want to get ahold of me, my cell is the only way. Please feel free to call as I'll be driving and bored. Or I'll be sitting in a hotel room and bored. When I'm practicing, I just won't answer. Gotta have priorities, after all.

In case you're wondering and it's too late to call and ask: I feel good. 나는 준비되어 있다. 이것은 나의 제일 음악이다.

Otherwise, I hope you'll get and agree with my final little statement:


Have you beaten the bed-bugs 'til they're black and blue?


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