Saturday, August 12, 2006

Take a Look Around

Ha ha...Occasionally I remember that I don't quite a handle on this blogging thing. For one, I sometimes get confused when I send out emails from a variety of accounts. As I type nearly as quickly as I think (neither of those would be clocked that fast), I can spit out emails fairly quickly without the time to realize whether or not I'm sending from the right account. That's what I get for being all clever-like and sifting my emails down to one address.

Why is this not wise, you gamely ask? (Thanks, by the way, for asking.) It's not wise, because my old, non-business email account lists my blog in my signature. My respectable account conveniently leaves the blog address out.

Thank goodness I occasionally take a look to see who's visiting.

Well, at least I'm smart enough to be horribly vague most of the time. After the Delta Flt. Atdt. got the boot for her inappropriate blog, I've tried to keep specifics out of things. It's pretty easy to tell where I play, but I would be rather unintelligent to go on rants against specific people. Of course, you all know I can rant...I'm just not willing to create an archive of my vitriol.

Wait a minute...What if some of you have been wired and recording my rants in the past? Damn...Does that mean that I can't rant at all? Even my house could be bugged...Does anyone know a way to make an origami hat out of tinfoil? If I'm going nutty, I'll be damned fashionable doing it.

Saw more of the drama today. I'm not sure why I admit this. Perhaps it's my version of self-abuse.

Back to topic: It looks like I may not be a shonda after all. As soon as I finish this cycle, though, there's that looming Sequenza and Cavallini concert in Sept. So much music to learn, so little time.


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